Iím not an ordinary, traditional kind of girl. So this is not a traditional website either.
Rather, it functions as a hub, a lot like a regular blog index, to easily access the things that keep me busy.
Iíve had my blog since the early noughties, so Iím too attached to get rid of that much beloved chaos.
I can, however, create order in the chaos, and thatís what Iíve done here.
Click a link and get transported to the topic of your choice, easy peasy :)

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 Steampunk and dieselpunk, and also: The Gatehouse
Fashion, Japanese fashion and not-so-daily (because I canít manage every day) outfits (ootd)
 Photography, analog photography (#believeinfilm #filmisnotdead) and the daily photo


 Disney and Disneyland Paris

Beauty: make-up, cosmetics and skin care
 My creations (House of Secrets Incorporated)
 Star Wars
 Product reviews
 Things for sale