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  • With spring, sort of, comes a new edition of BCM! Aside from our spring themed fashion feature and beauty tutorial, we also have plenty of music, not just with concert photo pages, but also with interviews with Mikaru and She, in the haze. Speaking of interviews, we also spoke to Anthony Daniels, John Rhys-Davies, Dean Cain and Nichelle Nichols!
    You can win some signed cheki/instax photos and Helcanen has provided us with another beautiful travel feature and article. Check it out to discover corners of Japan that people generally don't find out about.
  • Aside from this, we have art and much, much more things!
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    Previous editions of BCM are now available for free download once more!

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    Originally BCM was the abbreviation of Belgian Cupcakes Magazine, which started out as the magazine of the Belgian Japanese fashion community of the same name (minus the Magazine at the end of course), for and by its members.  It quickly caught on in the J-fashion scene, making the need rise for a different kind of BCM, so from an all Dutch magazine (#1) we made the transition to English (#2) and from there to a fully English language fashion magazine focussing entirely on J-fashion styles. 

    Of course the people putting BCM together had more interests than just Japanese fashion and the same went for its readers.  So by the time we started planning out #6, we made the switch from just fashion to Japanese culture in all it's aspects: music, literature, cinematography, fashion: you name it.  Starting that same issue we also began to interview artists and introduced the J-music corner, introducing all manner of bands and artists of all genres imaginable to our readers.

    With more and more contributors joining in from literally all over the globe, the need to re-adjust the name arose, turning it from Belgian Cupcakes Magazine to Belgian J-culture Magazine, allowing us to keep the abbreviation of BCM, under which had become better known than the full name anyway. 

    Starting 2015 BCM became a tri-monthly magazine, due to the real life commitments and obligations of the crew. Rather than giving up on it, we opted to take more time for each edition so we can guarantee quality and growth of BCM.

    By the time issue 29 was released, again due to the interests of both crew and readers, we branched out even further, so we could put more focus not only on Japanese culture, but also popular culture, as in Belgium and Europe these two generally go hand in hand at events.

    Don't worry, your trusty BCM will remain growing as we go, adding only to the well-read and well-loved features we already have.  Look out for the next issues, I think you'll be pleasantly surprised.




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